014: Lewis Howes – The Anatomy of Greatness

014-lewis-hitunes-podcastIn this week’s episode of the Six Figure Side Gig Podcast, I interview Lewis Howes; ex-professional athlete, international keynote speaker and founder of a multi-million dollar media empire.

In our discussion, we follow Lewis’s evolution from a young child with a learning disability to an all star athlete. Lewis goes on to describe how he struggled after his athletic career ended abruptly and the lessons that he learned during his journey to redemption and meteoric international success.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Special thanks to my friend Lewis Howes for a great interview and taking the time to spread his incredible message, and thanks to each and everyone out there joining us today!



One Response to “014: Lewis Howes – The Anatomy of Greatness”

  1. Lucy G. says:

    You are right when you talk about having the desire to succeed. If you just go through life just getting by and liking that situation, then you should try something new to improve your life. 🙂 Thanks for helping me see the light.