027: Ted Ryce – Training Robert Downy Jr., Richard Branson, and Building a Six Figure Empire

Ted Ryceitunes-podcastWelcome to another exciting episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast! On today’s show we are discussing how health and fitness can translate to entrepreneurial victory.

Joining us is Ted Ryce, host of “Legendary Life” podcast and certified personal trainer. Ted shares how, as a personal trainer, he creates relationships based on trust and how he applies that trust to his experience in his business. Ted also explains the scientific and social relationship of balancing sleep, nutrition and fitness and the effect that balance has on being a flourishing business owner.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Six Figure Side Gig.

More About This Show:

As a personal trainer for more than 17 years in Miami Beach, Florida Ted has trained some of the world’s most affluent entrepreneurs, politicians and actors. He has also had the opportunity to work with some of the top fitness and health experts in the market today. Ted’s years of experience and observation that wealthy people are generally healthy people has driven him to continue his pursuit of personal development. That journey has led him to become the highly successful personal trainer and business mogul he is today.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Special thanks to Ted Ryce for taking time to speak with us about his experience as an entrepreneur, fitness professional and what he’s learned working with business’ elite. See you next time on The Six Figure Side Gig podcast!



One Response to “027: Ted Ryce – Training Robert Downy Jr., Richard Branson, and Building a Six Figure Empire”

  1. Lucy H. says:

    What great advice you give in this podcast. If more people ould listen to this type of advice, then their businesses would take off right away. Nice work !!!