030: Lori Kennedy – Alpha Female: Building Your Empire Without Permission

030-lori-kitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast! On today’s show we are discussing the positive effect a strong peer group can have when building your empire.

Joining us today is Lori Kennedy. Lori is a Toronto based health and wellness business expert and online strategist. She shares her journey from insecure internet marketing novice to a well known expert in the “wellness” space. Lori takes us step by step through her process and the lessons that she learned along the way.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Six Figure Side Gig.

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Lori has been in the health and wellness community since 1999, first as a personal trainer and later as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. After adapting a fitness model to work for her nutrition business, Lori realized that for her business to flourish she would need the guidance of those already finding success in the wellness industry. She initially joined a mastermind group and later employed a business coach to continue to build her business. Lori embraces a personal philosophy of “inspired hustle” which resonates throughout her business ventures. She now hosts live events, runs an online academy, speaks on stages internationally and holds weekly webinars for wellness experts.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Special thanks to Lori Kennedy for taking time to speak with us about her entrepreneurial success, and thanks to you for you for joining us as well. See you next time on The Six Figure Side Gig podcast!


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  1. Rose G. says:

    I learned a lot about how outsourcing can help my business from the very beginning. You have been great and this blog is full of great information 🙂