037: Ashlee Evans: Growth Through Elimination

File Oct 13, 11 03 09 AMitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of the Six Figure Side Gig Podcast! Today I’m speaking with Ashlee Evans. Ashlee is the Chief Operations Officer for all 8 of Costes group of businesses, including Six Figure Side Gig. Ashlee and I share why recognizing the need to delegate is a skill that most new entrepreneurs have not mastered. We explain how to determine if a lack of delegation in your company is hindering potential growth. We also outline how to realize your “highest value activities” and ensure that they receive the attention needed to take your business to the next level.

All of that and more on today’s episode of the Six Figure Side Gig.

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Since she began as my personal assistant just over three years ago Ashlee has also created systems that make transference of tasks incredibly easy. Some of Ashlee’s responsibilities include; managing our corporate real estate holdings, HR for all of the businesses, client relations and registrar for a dental assisting school. She is able to manage so many positions by utilizing the systems of delegation and time management.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Special thanks to Ashlee for taking time to speak with us and thanks to you for you for joining us today. See you next time on The Six Figure Side Gig podcast!


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  1. Isabel M. says:

    Nice podcast. I cant wait to listen to more 🙂