061: Jim Palmer – DECIDE – The Ultimate Success Trigger

061-jim-pitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Joining us today is Jim Palmer. As a coach in marketing and business building, Jim is in high demand. He is the founder of the Dream Biz Academy, Dream Business Coaching and mastermind group. As well as being the host of “Stick Like Glue” podcast and “Newsletter Guru TV” he is also the author of six books on business and marketing. Today Jim and I discuss the power that a four page, monthly newsletter can have with your audience. He shares how reaching out to your entire customer base on a regular basis can convert to huge success in your marketing strategies. Jim touches on the secrets of client retention, how to build your dream business and much more.

All of that and more on today’s episode of The Six Figure Side Gig.

More About This Show:

Jim started in business 14 years ago. A year after losing his long time job as VP of Marketing in the corporate world he was diagnosed with cancer. Soon after accepting a position to open a music store franchise the 9/11 tragedy occurred and Jim was left jobless. He then went on to start the first of his businesses. Along the way Jim found that the most prosperous part of his entrepreneurial endeavors was the newsletters he created for promotional purposes. Focusing on his newsletter success he created a marketing program that is now an international success.

In this episode you’ll hear:

Special thanks to Jim Palmer for taking time from his busy day to speak with us and thanks to you for you for joining us today. See you next time on The Six Figure Side Gig podcast!


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  1. Eric L. says:

    What a great podcast. I learned so much information that I can use no matter what type of business I have. Nice work 😀