Jan 2017

080: Joshua Latimer – Building Your Business for Acquisition

itunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig. On today’s show we learn about what it takes to build a successful career from the ground up from entrepreneur and fellow podcaster, Joshua Latimer.

Joshua founded and built a window and pressure cleaning company in Michigan that regularly did over $150,000 per month in revenue. Last year he sold the company and moved to Costa Rica with his family. He now runs an internet based business with a small team of global professionals and also serves as host to The Quick Talk Podcast. Read more

Dec 2016

079: Tom Corson-Knowles – Profiting Through Self Publishing

itunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of the Six Figure Side Gig Podcast. Dr. Mark Costes and Tom Corson-Knowles go over what it takes to get into the world of digital publishing. They also share how it can become a reliable source of passive income to allow for increased financial and personal freedom.

Dr. Costes finds out how Tom became involved in digital publishing in the beginning, eventually becoming a #1 Best Selling author using marketing strategies. Tom describes how to utilize these strategies to grow multiple six-figure businesses. Read more

Nov 2016

078: Michael O’Neal – The Solopreneur

000-michael-onealitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of the Six Figure Side Gig Podcast. Dr. Mark Costes and Michael O’Neal chat about Mark’s  motivation behind the creation of the podcast, the unique format and some of the well known guests that are scheduled will be featured in upcoming episodes.

Michael dives deep into Mark’s history as an entrepreneur and explains that being the owner of multiple seven figure traditional businesses gives him the “street cred,” that is rare in many business podcast hosts today. Read more

Oct 2016

077: Diane Gardner – What You Don’t Know About Your Tax Bill

077-dianegitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Joining us today is Diane Gardner. Diane is the owner of a public accounting firm, a certified tax coach and a bestselling author. Prior to becoming a tax coach Diane focused on tax preparation from a compliance perspective. As a certified tax coach Diane now provides proactive tax planning and strategies. During our conversation she shares some of the biggest and most costly tax mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Diane explains the relationship between entity type, business type and tax liabilities. She also shares tax saving opportunities for family members as employees. Read more

Oct 2016

076: Matt Miller – From Air Force Pilot to Franchise Founder

itunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of the Six Figure Side Gig Podcast. On today’s show we are interviewing special guest Matt Miller.

Matt Miller graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1989 and was an Air Force pilot for nine years. He then worked in both the medical and advertising fields.  His long term desire to start a business based on freedom and choice began with a $100 investment and has grown into a multimillion dollar vending business. Read more

Sep 2016

075: Timothy Moser – The Reality Of Location Independence

timothy-moseritunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Joining us today is Timothy Moser. Timothy is best known as the founder of Master of Memory, an online education center, the host of Master of Memory Podcast and author of Amazon bestselling book Accelerated Spanish: Learn fluent Spanish with a proven accelerated learning system. Timothy has been a guest on Six Figure Side Gig before. One of the most downloaded episodes to date. Read more

Sep 2016

074: Adam Hudson – Creating an Amazon Empire

074-adam-hitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Joining us today is Adam Hudson. Adam is a serial entrepreneur. Since starting his first business at the age of 20 he has built several six and seven figure businesses. Today he and I talk about his six figure side gig selling in eight marketplaces on Amazon and another business based on sharing how he succeeds on Amazon: Reliable Education. Read more

Sep 2016

073: Mateo Echabarne – Sacrifice, Silver and Startup Success

073-mateo-blogitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Joining us today is Mateo Echabarne. I was recently introduced to Mateo through his business coach and mutual friend Michael O’Neal from The Solopreneur Hour podcast. Mateo has just started his sidegig. Heart Forged Rings, works with couples to design and the make their own wedding or special occasion rings themselves with the guidance of Mateo, a master silversmith. Read more

Aug 2016

072: Dr. Heimir Hallgrímsson – National Hero, Professional Coach, Dentist

heimir-hitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Today I am sharing an episode from another podcast I host called The Dentalpreneur. There are occasions when an interview from either the Six Figure Side Gig or The Dentalpreneur can crossover from one podcast to the other. This is one of those occasions. I recently interviewed the head coach for the Iceland National Soccer Team for The Dentalpreneur. Read more

Aug 2016

071: Carrie Wilkerson – The Barefoot Executive

071-Wilkersonitunes-podcastWelcome to another episode of The Six Figure Side Gig Podcast!

Joining us today is Carrie Wilkerson. Carrie is known best as The Barefoot Executive, after her bestselling book of the same name. The primary focus of Carrie’s business is a combination of private coaching, keynote speaking, content generation and sales force training through motivation and education for large corporations. Today Carrie and I speak about her journey from never imagining she would be an entrepreneur to how a strong desire to stay home with her newly adopted children and still have an income led her to start her own business. Read more